I don't think I have to even try to describe Italy to you in this post. All I can say is that you should really make a point to go at some point in your life. It doesn't matter what age you are, if your young or older or in-between, you will be overwhelmed with the beautiful way of life there, the rich history around every corner, the color and art. It's one of those places that you think to yourself, 'people live here?' (in the best way possible).

If I were to recommend anything it's that you stay in Airbnb's. We stayed in completely different ones everywhere we went that were all incredibly unique and off the tourist beaten path. The one we stayed at in Venice was pretty bare bones, freezing cold and up 8 flights of stairs. But it was in a neighbourhood full of locals and very few tourists. The silence on that island in the evening was one I will never forget, and as soon as the sun rose you looked out the window and the alleyways and common areas in-behind the tall mazes of homes would come alive with people doing laundry, making their breakfast, buying their fruits and veggies from the stands in the street.

We spent a lot of time observing. Observing the culture and way of life. Everyday begun at a coffee shop. Espresso, only espresso. We searched every city for the best espresso. We would throw back two, sometimes three each, standing up at a bar every morning with a pastry, every single morning of the 16 days we were there. We'd spend the days walking 20-30km, sometimes with an itinerary, sometimes not. An afternoon snack usually consisted of cheese and charcuterie, a panini, or pizza and a spritz. Another two espresso to kill the spritz's buzz. Dinner, always three courses, usually pasta, fresh seafood in the right areas, and all the wine, and of course a mascarpone filled dessert. I didn't see a salad for two weeks. It was amazing.

As most small trips, we really just got a taste for Italy. It's funny how in life you dream of going to all these different countries and continents. You get to one and you become infatuated. You tear yourself away, back to reality, with 110% commitment to going back and seeing more of the said place. Your next trip will consist of this and this and this. But then you get home and you find your routine again, start work again, and realize, shit, I'm not going to get back there for a while, and there's so many other places I want to go...

It's for this reason that sometimes I think travel complicates my life more. For me, nothing feels better than packing a big bag, grabbing your passport and stepping foot onto a plane, it has got to be the best feeling in the world! But the feeling of leaving, it's like a really bad breakup.

Anyways, long story short. I need to go back to Italy, I need to back to India, and I want to go to a million places in-between.

To be able to do it all...this is what happens to me in the winter in Halifax! Lets just say I'm due for a trip soon, and there might be one or two on the horizon :)